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well, I fucked up and overslept today, completely forgetting my Saturday training with HH. Here's hoping that they either let me make it up or will still allow me to continue my training. *sigh* But to my credit, they all knew that I was ill on Thursday and those drugs the doctor gave me really knocked my ass out. Throat is visibly less swollen tonight, but the fever is still coming and going. On the plus side, the welts from the flea bites are all but completely gone.

Went and bought one new brown corduroy outfit with a shiny blue shirt and a soft as hell sweater. Shouldn't have, but did. I figure that will have to be the sole wardrobe contributions for the rest of the year. In fact, I'm not quite sure where the money will come from to pay for those but I really liked them, needed them (well new clothes in general, not those specifically as my existing work wardrobe is getting threadbare and holey), and figure I'll work something out.


FINALLY heard from my friend seekingautumn who disappeared for two days with no notice. Thankfully she is ok. But I really missed her.


and now I'm going to go watch the rest of Ring 2 (not nearly scary enough, unlike the first one) and the special discs of the LOST dvds which decided to grace themselves on my doorstep this morning (it's about damned time!)
Tags: flist love, lost, retail therapy

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