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And on this day of all days

Today was a good day, no lie, no joshing, totally serious. It was my first day at a property in Edmonton, and may I say that is a dream property. Most of the residents have been there for almost 20 years and they are perfectly lovely. Sure there are a few problem residents, but they are for the most part small annoyances rather than huge obstacles. The drive was scenic and easy, took about a half an hour. I could definitely get comfortable working there.


Need to catch up on the training materials and housework but I'd much rather watch a movie or play Second Life. Might have to randomly pick one or play a little but then hit the books hard. We'll see.


It's come to my attention that I missed Surr's birthday. Happy belated b-day! (that will teach me to stay off LJ for days)


It was such a relief to see a new Craig last night. I haven't been able to watch for the last couple of weeks and for it to be a new one felt like a magically bonus all for me. Some people are wondering who "Goodnight Duchess" is, I felt like being a shit disturber and telling them that Craig told me that it was his mother. *snort* yeah, like Craig tells me anything. I did email him though asking what's up with all these salutations to mystery women, maybe if I'm lucky he'll answer.


alright, I'm boring...I will finish burning these cds and go play now.


seekingautumn, I have Ring 2 burnt if you would like to borrow it. although, I must warn you that it is pretty sucky, with very few eery spots and nothing that scared the pants off of me like the first movie.
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