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Can we declare today as "I don't want to work" day?

It's almost 10:00 and what have I done today?

1)Woke up at the time I should have been leaving the house, but I didn't care because outside was still darkish and my bed was too fucking cozy.
2)Get to work about 15 mins late, after driving 80 most of the way.
3)Log on to work email, see nothing waiting for me.
4)Listen to the two messages on the answering machine, call one back.
5)Sign some recertification papers with one tenant and then fax the forms to Kentucky Housing Corporation.
6) Log on to Lj
7)Scroll scroll read read read scroll scroll click tippaty tap scroll scroll

uh huh...that's it. Sad isn't it? But it doesn't really feel like a productive work day. It's so overcast and the rain is misting and it's such a great day to curl up in bed with cocoa and a good book/movie.

Another side effect to the antibiotics of doom is that on top of not being able to focus my eyes, I get terribly terribly sleepy. Last night I was asleep long before Craig, but then woke up at his appointed time to find that David Letterman was just starting. I got up, changed the recording time on the computer and promptly passed back out. As I was drifting off I remember thinking that I would have to figure out some way of taping Craig that week I'll be gone.

But since I haven't been able to stay awake for Craig lately, I have a lot of the show to catch up on this weekend.


Today is payday and I'm too scared to look at my balance to see if I'll have enough for bills.


well, back to "work" I guess
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