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Boy, it seems like I've been getting less and less time to update on here. Not much going on except that everything is going on. Been at work at a property pretty close to my house, but it matters not as I have to go down to Bowling Green tonight for my second to last training. I believe tonight's subject is Depression and Suicide (joy joy).

Weekend was much too short, and next weekend is going to be practically nonexistant. Had my all day training on Saturday, and then slept and lazed around on Sunday. This weekend I have my testing for the volunteer work on Saturday and then I'm going to have to take a 3 hour drive to Richmond so that I can check into the hotel for work next week. *sigh* How much you want to bet that I'm going to be terribly exhausted next week. The good news is that I'm taking the laptop with me because the room has free internet access (woot!) and I'll have gobs of time to catch up on LJ and to actually post, imagine that! The bad news is that I will probably spend most of the nights watching tv and eating delivered pizza, pretending I'm a sloth.

I hate being away from home, I have the hardest time getting to sleep, and it will be even worse there because they are in the time zone that's an hour ahead of me, so I'll probably want to stay up to late and then have the hardest time getting up to get to work. I know I shouldn't stay up to watch Craig, and hell I haven't even been able to the last two weeks due to extreme sleepiness or effects of the antibiotic, but for fear of the computer not taping them at home (which it's been doing a lot lately), I'll most likely be found sitting up and watching.


Okay, must start closing everything up here so that I can race out to BG in a few minutes. I'm not quite sure how long it's going to take me to get there from here but I already warned the director that I may be a smidge late today. (And I still have to find some sustanence between here and BG).


Lost in two more days!!!!! Woot! Danu, you best be planning on coming over, I need my Lost watching partner.
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