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The trolls are coming! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

When you believe that you are dressed cutely and you put on a smile, half of your work for the day in battling a foul mood is already over :).

I think I look cute today and I keep walking by mirrors to prove it to myself. hehe. but my favorite view is that in the coke machine. For some reason, my reflection there is stretched tall and thin and I keep gawking at it. lol.

So you're wondering what I'm wearing? I've got on my new blue shirt (could possibly be called a light teal with shiny threads running diagonally through it - totally makes me happy just wearing it. seen here: ), and I paired it with my new brown cordoroy skirt that falls just below the knees and has plenty of flounce in it. I threw on my brown cordoroy jacket this morning when it was cold (making it very casual suit-like), and I've got on my pretty beaded heels that have the same blue beads as the color of my shirt and a nice brown heel (seen here: ) (can you say that someone watches too much "What Not to Wear" to be matching this stuff?). So I feel very put together, sexy, cute, and just fucking awesome...and that my friends is fantabulous!

I'll try to attach a few pictures that I've taken lately with my phone (I'm so lazy about uploading them to my online album) but we'll see what we have.
Here's me waving to you guys today :):

and here's one I took yesterday of a weird mural painted on the back of the office that I was working at yesterday. I discovered it on accident during a smoke break and had to take a picture. In case you can't tell what it is, it's a mural of troll dolls surfing/skateboarding. It totally flipped me out and made me laugh like a loon.

That's it for now :).

are you ready for Lost tonight? Because I am stoked!!!!
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