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at about this point, you'll probably asking yourself, "who is this girl?" because i seem to be making entries far and few between and I haven't been able to read or comment on anyone elses entries in forever. That stops now. Now, damnit! Trogdor insists!

Hell I haven't even been able to comment on Lost from Wednesday, and boy do I have comments. First of all, how the hell did Javi not fall over laughing every time one of us conjectured on what was in the hatch, since he evilly kept it secret :)? And second, sexy psycho Scottish guy living in the hatch? FUCKING AWESOME! I knew there was a cast member added that was Scottish, and from the first moment that I saw the back of his head on screen, I knew it was the Scottish guy (yes I'm that good that I can tell Scottish nationality just from the back ahahah). But to make the Scottish guy the evil one? Brilliant.

And it needs mentioning that I'm going psycho over here myself not knowing what has come of my precious precious Sawyer, who I adore almost more than I adore Locke and Hurley. Sawyer, where are you??
And Walt! OMG, that vision to Shannon had me seriously spooked! I broke out in goose bumps, no lie.

Yay! It was awesome! And I'm dying for next week's new one and the premiere of Alias (because really, did anyone not scream at the last five seconds of Alias last May? I tell you I woke the entire hotel that night.)

In other news......uhm...nothing? Although I know I've missed like a million birthdays this month, so I'm going to wish all of you a good year now:

pikameta, surreality_fan, hmcgirl, theedge883, patsie, enoneoftheabove, and today Ms. sammy_iammy. May all of you have the best year of your life, troubled not by fandoms arguments, petty jealousies, grief, loss, or stressful change. I love you all!

edit: omg, I just realized that I don't have a single Lost icon anymore! *takes a note to correct that oversight*
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