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Balanced day, I suppose
I wish that I had something marvelous to say today, but I'm close to running on empty. Today work was insane. Thank god I don't have to repeat it tomorrow.

The low points:

1. The new maintenance man and the other maintenance staff were in a war within 5 mins of arrival. I thankfully got to step out of that one.
2. I was designated as the person to take the exterminator around all 144 units but this turned out to be a high point (see below for more).
3. The old manager, who was previously touted as really shaping this property up, was a very good faker as the apartments are a complete mess and she's promised everyone under the sun things that we can not deliver.
4. One of my manager bosses called me up long distance just to bitch at me for not mailing the invoices I did last Wednesday. When I told her that she hadn't left any petty cash she went on this tirade about how she didn't understand why I couldn't have used my own money and then be paid back later. I told her that I was broke (true) and that I wasn't going to pay for things at these properties out of my own money because I was working too many different properties to keep track and be repaid (also true). But what makes me mad is that they expect me to use my own money when they have done nothing but take money from me. Well, sorry to tell them but I'm not going to do it. And I don't care if she's upset about it. Fuck it.
5. One of the main Memphis honchos from my company is down here at another property and said something about how I'm supposed to be here for two weeks. When I told him that no, I was told one week, he said that I'd better check. So I told him that if it was two weeks then I was going to find another job. I'm not going to be away from my house, friends, and family for two weeks and they are insane to think I would.
6. One of the shoe has a crooked heel :(.

The high points:
1. Going around with the exterminator was fun. He was this cute 24 year old and we had a grand time talking about Richmond and flirting. Funny thing is that we had been going around for about 3 hours flirting our asses off when I mentioned my boyfriend and then all of a sudden he says that he has a wife. Uh huh, how convenient. Still it was fun, too bad Jason wasn't here or we could have gone out.
2. Went by my old job at Apollos and was not really surprised by the place. Most everything looked exactly as it had 6 years ago, but the big differences was that they closed down the back room where we used to have pool tables and game machines and pulled all the video games to the front where the seating used to be. So there's no longer any eating in, and they no longer serve beer. The only two employees still there from my time was a guy named Phrak and one of my old buddies Charles, who is now the owner. I walked in and saw Phrak, and said, "Phrak! Remember me?" and he said, "Whatever it is, it's not mine". hehehe. Well, he did remember me after I said my name, but sadly remembered me as "the girl who hung out with Anngee". (which makes me so frustrated in ways I'll not go into) We talked for a bit and he updated me on all the old people. Turns out one of my old loves, Misty, is now getting married to the guy that she always swore that she was going to get to marry her. It's just to perfect. I'm so happy for her. I'm going to try and go back to see Charles, but I'm not sure I can force myself to go back again. However, Charles and I shared such unforgettable times and I'd love to see him again. He'll always be my partner in crime, and I'll never forget that night we spent together on acid watching old Beastie Boys videos and cuddling. He's my hippie man.
3. My car, which was making this terribly annoying ticking sound, is now thankfully silent after a trip to Wal-mart. Seems some part of the new tire was rubbing against the drum brakes. Thank god it's fixed, it was a sound just like a playing card in a bicycle spoke, was literally driving me insane.
4. I have my precious precious Ale81, for the low low price of 6 for $2. I'm seriously thinking of stocking up on a case of this stuff while I'm here.
5. I bought some really cute shoes at Walmart while waiting for my car. They are silver and clear, flip flop style on the top, but with a nice little heel so that they look fancy. The awesome part is that they have lights in the heel that flash when you walk. But as you see from up top, one of the heels is crooked, so I may take them back :(.

That's about it for today, I'm pretty lonely and am thinking of putting in a movie again and chilling. I'm too shy to go out and mingle.

Off to catch up on LJ.

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devvie From: devvie Date: September 27th, 2005 01:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Well some of the good did balance out the bad..but it took you to figure that out..that's fantastic...most people tend to just focus on all the negatives.. <-has been known to do that. :P

Going back to a place after 6 years is kinda cool isn't it?
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: September 27th, 2005 01:15 am (UTC) (Link)
yes but it's also kinda sad. so many things have changed, and it makes me glad that I didn't stick around for it
devvie From: devvie Date: September 27th, 2005 01:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes things do change and I always wonder when I go back to a place how I would have been a different person had I stayed.
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