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Lost thoughts

OMG They are going to die!

Is he who? Who is "Him"?

Where the hell is Jin? oh nos!!!!

ahahahah "Well I'll just stop bleeding then!" hehehehe, Sawyer=love

NOooooooooooo! Sawyer don't!!!!

Oh no that bitch lawyer didn't, the only reason he doesn't know is because that bitch Susan took Walt away.

hehehehe, "got a band-aid?"

lol, Locke is the crafty one, stupid but crafty.

holy fuck, how long has he been down there?

finally some just desserts for Kate...into the box with you!

*gasp* Claire found the statuette....and damn it Charlie, you fucking liar

don't fight guys...it's no one's fault but the damn others....oh fuck....broke his damn raft

noooooooooooooo sharks!

yes he does Mike, don't hurt Sawyer's feelings, he cares, hell he saved your life!

Susan you are a lying bitch....you're just trying to emotionally sabotage him

women always stop for chocolate ;)

wtf would have happened if it counted down? Javi tell us!!!

omg scary, thought he killed sawyer...shew

Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! omg who did that to him....others? omg! other survivors? THE OTHERS?
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