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Attention: The Solution

Due to advice from my brilliant friend Danu and my extraordinary friend Heather, neither of which would have thought I'd take this advice for this purpose, or who even thought that I'd hear their words as advice I have decided one super huge major thing. #1: Danu told me and told me often that you can't begin to heal until you let go of the thing that is hurting you. #2: Heather wrote in her journal tonight an image of an octupus holding tightly to many things and thus is unable to move because every hand is full. Both spoke to me so clearly. That in addition with Jason getting a full time job, have spurred this decision a long time in making.

Tomorrow, I am handing in my resignation to Alco. I am going to call my boss and let her know my plans. If they will not make me come to Richmond next week (totally unlikely that they will agree), then I will give them a two week notice. If their plans are to have me come to Richmond anyway, than tomorrow will be my last day. Either way, I am leaving this job and the resignation is going to be formally submitted.

I can not do this job anymore, everyone who knows me knows this. There is no surprise in my announcement other than that it is coming this way.

My mother is having me call my father after Alias to talk about my decision. She wants me to give notice no matter, the whole don't burn bridges thing. I don't think that it matters at this point, the bridges have been on fire for a long time. You guys can tell me what you think. Does giving notice to an employer make any difference in references or does it just make a difference with rehiring? At this point, I don't really care.

Job hunting, here I come!
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