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Well, an update for everyone...

I did quit my job on Friday. I emailed a resignation and then went to work finishing everything I possibly could before I was going to leave. I called a few coworkers and told them that I was leaving, and hours later I found it quite odd that I hadn't heard from either of the big wigs that I mailed my resignation to. So I called their offices, and then their cell phones, leaving messages at both places. Still nothing, so finally about an hour before I was going to leave, I decided to call the Memphis office and get someone to help me track them down. I couldn't get them to patch me through to them until I told them, "Look, I'm quitting, it's very important that I talk to them." Fifteen minutes later, Sondra finally calls. So I tell her, I emailed you, and called you, I'm quitting. Her response? "Okay". and not just any okay but a very upbeat "Okay". And then she said, "Can you stay until five?" I told her no, finished what I was doing and then left. And I've never felt better.

I got home to find that Jason had completely changed around the living room (he had told me he was going to) and I think it's pretty darn awesome. We had a nice night with his friends and came home for some exhausted lovin'.

Today I cleaned some, visited with his parents and basically did little. I did however complete my first Bob Ross painting. And I think it turned out like crap. But then it was my first, so that probably makes some sense.

So tired right now but I'm waiting for our sheets to dry. The lovely cats decided to barf all over them this morning.

So that's all, nothing much going on here.
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