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Unemployment serenity

gotta make this quick, cause we're about to head out the door to see Serenity (wooooooooooooooooot!)

I applied for unemployment today, crossing my fingers hoping that it goes through. Still flying on cloud 9 despite having people ask me constantly "How's it feel to be unemployed?" as if they are expecting me to burst into tears. It is fun to see how they take it when I say very bubbly that it's fan-fucking-tastic :) and that I wouldn't go back.

Thank you guys for sitting through all my angst and tears and bitching, I couldn't take it so I don't know how you guys did and were still able to be there with the helpful hand and shoulder to lean on. I could never have done this with out all of you. *kisses and hugs* Christmas cards to all of you :D.

Job search starts tomorrow in earnest, will update on the goings on.

And now Serenity. Woot!
Tags: serenity, work

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