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I'm here, I promise.

*sigh* wow, been a long time between updates. News? Let's see....went to the Lotr exhibit in Indiana and it was fantastic, despite lacking anything from the Pippin character. Since they wouldn't allow pictures or even cell phones in the exhibit, all I have are a few silly pictures of things outside the visit. I will put a link up later :).

Now on the unemployment, I was denied yesterday, despite the fact that I applied for my first check on Saturday *sigh*. So I'm filing a written appeal, which I hope will reverse the decision. The only paperwork I got from the employment office said that I was denied because either the working conditions were considered acceptable or that I did not pursue all alternative venues prior to terminating the employment. Total bullshit, I say.

Still no new job, and I've been spending entirely too much time playing online on Second Life, so I've had little to say. Although I am still applying for jobs and trying to figure out the problem with my fanlisting coding. If anyone is familiar with the fanlisting codes, please help. Sammy any pointers?

That's all for tonight, working a hospital shift for the crisis center, hoping to not get called.
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