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Halloween dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I was back at college and I met this guy that thought himself to be a vampire. The only thing was that he actually was a vampire, but modern in every way. I started hanging out with him, and he was always trying to get me alone in spooky places, I assumed to be bitten. We ended up in this downstairs kind of basement/crypt thing. There were other people there. They convinced us that we needed to makeout, which I did with gusto until he reached around and took a bite on my neck. That's when I screamed with pain and pushed the bastard off of me. At the point the rest of the dream was spent trying to console him, tell him I just wasn't ready yet. At the end of the dream I went to him and told him I was ready to be bitten. He gets all excited and says, "So we should get you fitted then." I had no clue what he was talking about, but I supposed it must be similar to doms and subs with their collars. So I agree and he pulls out these kick ass black gloves that go up past my elbows. Apparently, in my dream at least, the bitten show off their allegiance with these gloves. It was so gothic and cool.

So my question is, can I start a new fashion symbol based on my dream? Cause that would totally rock.
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