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Starting it all over.

Back on my plan to get my life back, I'm going to force myself to start journaling everyday. At least with journaling I can feel like I took some notice in the day as it passes, better than letting it just fall by while I'm loosing interest in life.

Today was okay, slept from 6:30-2 PM...not as bad as some days, but not on any sort of schedule. I got up and helped Jason chase out our daily annoyance, and we went to get a pack of cigs. I wish it was more than a pack, but I need to slow down on the smoking anyway. Came home and realized we had a message on the answering machine, which just so happened to be one of the "last chance" jobs I applied for, a job as a sales clerk at a portrait center in Walmart, completely a seasonal position (and at the worst possible season lol), but at least it's an interview. Pay isn't too bad, and should be enough to carry us through the holidays if I get it. We'll see, they were already closed for the evening, so I will have to call them tomorrow to set up the time for the interview. Here's hoping that I get it.

Cleaned the fish tank today, where the water was the color of tea or coffee, ewwww. Here's hoping the fish appreciate it (and also hoping they don't die). I also cleaned the tub up, no more ring around the tub. Jason tried to make sugar sculptures today but because we didn't have a thermometer, it didn't work very well, and we have a hell of a mess to clean up. He's been getting so creative with cooking stuff up lately. This past weekend he took the initiative to make funnel cakes, completely from scratch. They were the best damn funnel cakes I'd ever had :). We had so much fun with those things, with Austin and I feeling like Lords of the land while he brought them out to us. And you should have seen how many of them we had! It was like mountains of funnel cakes :).

I'm still pretty down right now, but trying to find things to either keep me busy or to lift my spirits. I've really wanted to do nothing but watch movies or be on SL. And when I'm on SL, all I'm doing is watching movies. I'm so cracked.

I really miss my best friends, and hope that we can go out together soon. I love you guys and hate only getting to talk to you on the internet, which is so damn impersonal. I'm wishing good financial luck for all of us.

I have so little to say....guess that's it for today.
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