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Picture day! I finally took pictures of my three finished paintings and am going to post them. They look much better in person, but I'm still very proud of them :).

1. Red Woman (oil 1.3 ft x 1.6 ft)

My idea for this was built on insomnia, I just pictured a simple woman out of lines on some sort of blurred abstract background. In the end it ended up much more concrete of a woman than I originally envisioned and the background turned into some sort of park like area. It's a very rough painting stroke wise but it looks okay in person. :)

2. Landscape (oil 1.3 ft x 1.6 ft)

I am most proud of this one, the detail in person is awesome. This was my first oil painting, done from a Bob Ross kit. It's very interesting as both Jason and I painted this landscape but both of them and the one to go off of from the kit all look completely different. Amazing :)

3. Tunnel (Mixed Media-Acrylic and Organic, 1 ft x 9 inches)

This one came from a dream image of a dark figure coming down a tunnel filled with light. The colors are soooooooo not represented in this photograph of it, but it's the best I could do :). It's mainly acrylic, but became mixed media when I couldn't get the color or sparkle just right that I wanted in the light. I had this brilliant idea over pizza one day with some crushed red pepper. They were just the right color and size, so a little more paint for adhesive later I had my finished painting :). This painting took the longest of all of them as I worked on underpainting of layers for over a month before painting the final details. It turned out pretty well.

So....that's it...very proud of my work, and I must say that I prefer oil to Acrylic. For some reason I really enjoy the way the oil's colors blend and working with them is so much more fluid. I love the way oil has texture when you are through. I'm a very tactile person. Did I ever mention that I once touched a Van Gogh because I just had to feel the power in person? Yes, I'm a very naughty person. lol.
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