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Mondays are for the dogs...apparently

I still have my job :) lol...only one family got all testy with me and luckily there were some no shows. All in all, it was a steady day, with smaller burst of extreme business. Hardest customer today would be a tossup between the 8 yr old autistic boy and the family of 7 bastard children (and I mean bastards). Weirdest moment of the day would have to be the strange ass phone call I got from an old man who claimed to have been there yesterday waiting in line for a long time. He first asked for the number to the corporate office and then stopped me in the middle of it to say that he wanted to tell me what was wrong. He then proceeds to tell me a tale about how he was waiting in line to get his pictures taken with his wife and there was this "young hot thing" up at the counter and he was staring at her "boobs because you know that's what men do". Supposedly, his wife caught him, got pissed and threw him out of the house so that he is going to sleep in his car tonight and was calling me from a pay phone. Then he accuses me of being the girl and says that he thinks my company ought to pay for his troubles. I told him that I didn't think that the company was going to do anything for him and that if you ask me his wife had a legitimate reason to be upset. It took forever to get off that phone call and back to my customer. Can you believe these people? Dirty old man.

Only one day of work left and then two glorious days off. Thank the heavens.

Jason just got home with the stuff I need to make my parent's gifts, woot! Guess I'll be working on those on Wednesday ;). It's a super secret project.

Finally, no wait make that FINALLY, figured out the problem with my website last night. It's about damn time :).

k...off to make Christmas cards now :).
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