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Yay! Two days off!!!

Ok, I'm so silly, I just downloaded a cross stitch making pattern so that I could make a pattern out of a Craig Ferguson photo. Sick eh? Still, it cracks me up :) hehe.

Finally made it out of work alive. Only got bitched at once, but I tried to please everyone. Sales were a little low, but some are coming back at a later time to buy. I did get tons of compliments over my work today though. One person said that they were bringing their kid back in January for his birthday pictures and they wanted to me to take them. When I told them I was only seasonal, but it could change if the current photographer left the job, they asked for my name and said that they are writing the company to recommend me. Isn't that the sweetest? Made me all glowy and blushy. I also got to use on of my personal tricks for taking excellent pictures without getting the double chin thing that women of size hate. Made the girl I took the picture of soooooooooo happy :). And it turned out really well. She bought $70.00 of that picture ;). But you know what I think I'd like better than working in a studio? I'd love to take other pictures out in the wild wide world. I'm so sick of smiles. I want pensive, I want sorrow, I want other emotions! I wonder if this job could ever lead to other photography jobs. That may be something to think about. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but one that I enjoy and this job has been if nothing else fun at times and always educational. Apparently, I'm very good with the children, and I think I do a pretty bang up job at the adults too. Let's ruminate on that a bit......Susan Clark, Professional Photographer...has a nice ring to it, eh?

Okay....let's see.....tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping, pay cell phone bill, clean the house, do laundry, call Alco (who is still holding out on the $300 reimbursement I'm due from September, those bastards!), call Unemployment about my appeal (they sent me some fucked up letter the other day with one page applying to me and one page addressed to someone else), check out job postings, and beginning the super secret Christmas present project (muh hahaha). What am I forgeting? Oh, update webpage, catch up on lj, and sleep late. There, that about does it *giggle*


On a different note, have you ever found yourself strangely attracted and repelled to someone at the same time? Is that not the most eery feeling in the world? At the same time that you want to slap them you also want to drag them down for some hot cheeky monkey action. Makes me want to vomit.


uhm.....that's it! Love to you all (*secret hugs to Pammy and Heather* avert your eyes everyone else ;) )
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