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Was going through some saved files today and found this poem that I wrote almost a year ago....it shook me...i don't know why....

Pomegranite Love

the arms that used to feel so safe,

now leave me lonely

they used to protect,

and now leave me wondering

what else they protect

we could make it,

we only need to try

but trying is for those

with energy.

the tired need not apply

I love you with a pomegranite kiss

bitter and so sweet

innocent and exotic

hard to crack open

harder to stop eating

even while spitting seeds

always wanting to suck

one more sweet taste

we are different,

and so alike.

so alone and timid

insecure and angry

ready to jump down the ass

of any opposers

ready to hurt before being hurt

dump rather than dumped

and still I remember that night

which to me seemed true

both stripped of all pretense

open and full

loving and loved

it still hurts

and you were so yourself

the inner,

the hiding,

but we hid nothing that night

I still cry over it.

can’t we go back to that?

can’t we see that was the truth,

not a mountain,

but the molehill,

that’s where I’m ready to be.

so answer me in love,

not in fear,

can’t we try this?

can’t we go there?

--May15, 2003 SC
Tags: relationship, writing

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