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Preggers...in SL

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, Cartman's mom is a bitch bitch bitch....

no wait, that's not what I meant to say.

I have returned to the Second Life. Went in last night to listen to some live music and IMed seekingautumn, found out that she's preggers in SL!!!! Woooooot! So in our talking and jumping up and down like lil girls, I told her I had a pregnancy test but I never took it. So she got me to take it, and lo and behold, Ema is now preggers too. LOL! So I'm going to be having my first child in SL on January 11th. ack! Which I think is actually before Danu's, but they never gave me a choice between the 4 or the 6 week program. I really need to ask them about that. Biggest difference between us is that she's married in there, and I'm hopelessly single. So I'm going to tell all my SL friends that it was a sperm bank baby :), cause the last partner I had in SL was a woman named Angel, and she can't be the baby daddy. Fucked up shit, eh?

Still going strong....still happy :).
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