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Fuck you fuck you fuck you.


I just called the accountant, the ex boss lady, and the vice president and left them all messages telling them I want my reimbursement checks or else I'm reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau. It's been three freaking months already and none of the bastards will return my calls or just give up the money. It's bad enough that they weazled out of my unemployment claim but now they are freaking holding hostage money that is by ALL rights due to me. The calls I made were professional and not angry or agitated but I just broke it down to them with "Look I've been patient, I understood, but this is freaking ridiculous. I want that money, I earned that money, and my family really needs it. So please call me back. If I do not receive the checks within two weeks, I'll have no choice but to report you." I mean really! In fact the last time I called them the accountant said that they never even submitted my mileage to him for reimbursement. The only ones he had totaled a mere $100, when the full amount is $200. I do not want to have to sue these bastards but I soooooooo will if it comes to it. You bet your ass I will.

so FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU Alco! I hope you bastards all loose your jobs and that the company goes down in flames.
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