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Almost a birthday girl.

in two and a half hours, it will be my birthday! woot! 29 years this time.....woot :)

thank god this week is almost over, I feel like I'm running on mania alone.

no real updates today, trying to backup and archive all of my files for the lovely semi-regular reformat your hard drive day :). I would love for 2006 to bring of year of no computer problems. Wouldn't that be lovely?

I want to get on SL sooooooo badly but have to wait for all of this crap to burn. :( stupid crap.

In exciting news, Astrology.com gave me a free star registration for my birthday. I'm now the proud owner of a star called Emaleythe in the Orion constellation just slightly above his belt. Look for it in your skys tonight!

and btw, I received Heather and Steph's cards and *muhhhhhhhhhhhhhwah*. I love you both, hope you also have Merry Christmases and a restful holiday!
Tags: flist love, random thoughts
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