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From: seekingautumn Date: March 8th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
The photo studio is in a bad place within the store anyway. It needs to be closer to the entryway.

And.... *grrrrr* at the credit card company!
From: ex_tarnishe998 Date: March 9th, 2006 01:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just started working at Olan Mills yesterday and already I think I've gotten in over my head. I thought I was applying just to be another photographer, but lo and behold, they want me to be the new STUDIO MANAGER and they're gonna leave me there all by myself in TWO WEEKS! I'm scared shitless! The store I'm working at has the highest sales volume in the district and I have to live up to that standard. The girl who I'm replacing is a very bubbly, happy go lucky person and I know damn well I can't be 'her' so my sales aren't going to be the same.

ACK! I don't know what to do!!! How do you do it? I wish I could call you cause I really need to talk to someone who's working in the same kind of place that I am so I know what the hell I'm getting into.
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: March 10th, 2006 01:30 am (UTC) (Link)
omg, a partner in crime! See that's what happened to me, they hired me during the christmas rush *shudder* and then fired the manager, making me the manager with no training. It's been scary and awful. But at least the lady I replaced wasn't bubbly, but instead old mean and hateful. Of course that means everyone likes me better lol. I too have the burden though of living up to our district standard and I tell you at this point I'm so pissed off about their stupid standards that I'm ready to shove the camera remote up my bosses ass. :)

I tell you, just take it one day at a time, ask loads of questions when they come to you, and if you are completely clueless as to what to do, call me (studio (270) 659-0842 or cell (270) 590-4020). I tell you, it's so damn hard making people smile.

I have so many questions like : Do you have the tickle stick? I love that thing. And I also have a hint, if you have a little bear that has a little jigglely thing inside of it, practice balancing it on your head and go "ah ah ahchoo" and knock it off your head (but catch it). That trick works 3 out of 4 times to get the little heathen children to laugh :).
From: barefootatkheb Date: March 14th, 2006 09:45 am (UTC) (Link)


*hugs tightly* that just sucks so much :( and sorry you had to pay the late fee :(

and *kicks boss for being mean to you*
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