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Letter to Fooly

I swear to you, that as much as you always are sure that I've finally given up and decided to go on with life without you just because I haven't emailed in a pass of time, that I am just of sure of another idea. I am sure that one day, you and I, good buddy, are going to meet. I can practically envision it. You'll have to come meet me at an airport or something and I'll run up to you and give you a huge hug and then you'll take me to your house to meet your wife and my lil niecey. It will be fantastic and we'll go out to your garage and smoke a joint and I'll beat you up or at least threaten to and call you "bitch"....And you, *laugh* you will not mind because you'll be having a fantastic time but still secretly beating yourself up because it's not normal to have friends that you met on the internet, and especially not good buddies that are crazy, potsmoking girl buddies that you meet on the internet. I'll, of course, have to make fun of you for thinking that and I'll call you a dork, and then you'll get over it and threaten to beat me up. After much verbal jousting we'll talk about life and everything and it will be like old new times. We'll end with neither of us suffering injuries by the other, even after a spirited game of backgammon or pool between us, and much amused instead. That's how I see it, and I look forward to the day.

For the record, you'll have to try a lot harder than you have to ever shake the Ema from your life. Just think you should know that. Oh, that and I still think you are crazy but, you know, *thumbs up*.

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