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And the beat goes on...

Heard the baby's heartbeat today, a very healthy 151 bpm, and I didn't cry. I thought I would, but instead I was so relieved and proud that I just had a big cheesy grin. According to the Dr's scale, I've now gained 10 lbs (whoops, what the hell happened last week? was only 5 lbs gained a few days ago). The Dr thinks that we've calculated pretty accurately and that I'm at the size for a 12 week pregnancy. Tomorrow starts week 13 so I'll finally be able to wave a relieved goodbye to the first trimester. According to everything I've read and watched, this is supposed to be the good trimester. (*crossing fingers*). In two months I'll know what sex my lil Squiggles is and everything will be that much different.

Also applied for and got WIC today, which is going to help out a lot during pregnancy. God knows you can never have too much milk, cheese, peanut butter, or cereal (remind me that I said that in 4 months when I'm overloaded with the stuff). It seems so weird that all I had to do was get "knocked up" and all of a sudden all these government organizations care about me. Doesn't seem fair that you can't even get the time of day from them otherwise.

Have to work tomorrow :( and have the rape crisis line tonight :(. Been working the crisis line every Tuesday night this month and it had been quite as usual until last week when I got three calls. Argh! Was nervewracking, and I had the hardest time figuring out how to progress the call in any sort of helpful manner. Basically I just let the people blather on and would offer occasional words. Was awful. I'm thinking of dropping out of the crisis volunteer thing for awhile. My heart just isn't into it at the moment. Maybe it's the pregnancy.

oh well off to cook dinner!
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