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More awesome dreams

Man oh man, if I could bottle up this progesterone that is given me these crazy dreams I would. I never would have believed that sleeping would be so much fun as it has been while I've been pregnant. And if you could see the amount of amourous times I've been having in my sleep; it would be enough to make a whore blush.

Last night's dream was especially fun, as I dreamed I was Max in Dark Angel (woot woot!) and it must have been pre season 2 or they found a cure because Max and Logan had no trouble getting it on ("virus bitch going down"). Perhaps I've been watching too much of that show in the past couple of weeks, but either way, the guy playing Logan, Michael Weatherly, is freaking hot. However, I didn't like the looks of him in the extra stuff on the dvd, only as Logan with those sexy glasses (*rwar*).

I had to look him up to see what else he has done, but sadly I've not seen him in anything else, nor is it likely that I will (as most of his stuff are small parts in tv shows). He needs some more work...with glasses :D.
Tags: baby, night musing

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