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well....i'm back...now what?

ok...well i'm back....the trial? worst debacle ever......my mood? shitty.......more news? jury is still out, hoping for verdict on monday......the bastard? can rot in hell.....

oh yeah...and a survey....

Hometown:: Born in Lexington Ky, raised in Finley Ky, now living in Glasgow, Ky
Where you wish you were from:: an enchanted forest
Hair color:: light auburn naturally, bright red now
Eye color:: very very brown
Freckles?:: uhm, no...try moles instead
Height:: 5'4" (the world's tallest hobbit)
Do you watch DVD extra features?:: every damn time :)
Do you know who Bowie is?:: of course
Does he kick arse?:: always
What "musician" should die?:: uhm....boy bands?
Do you watch reality TV?:: sometimes, it's like watching a trainwreck
Do you read magazines?:: rarely
Do you read fanfiction?:: have started to...*blush*
What's your fandom?:: LOTR, Billy, my sweet Billy
Did you say Harry Potter?:: love the books
Do you watch entertainment shows?:: rarely, used to be an entertainment tonight freak though
Do you like celebrity gossip?:: me? gossip?

Interests and Stuff
3 Hobbies:: reading, writing, photography
Can you type fast?:: yep
Do you . . . write poetry?:: of course
Are you "artistic"?:: partially...would love to be more of a natural drawer/painter
Do you eat food?:: lol...of course
Do you like school?:: love it!

Food:: lasagna mmmm
Drink:: sweet tea
Color:: hmm....let's say purple, or black

HP Character:: Hermione
State:: Oregon
Country:: Scotland
City:: hmmm....Toledo Spain was nice
Place to sleep:: bed
Day:: saturday
Era:: Medieval
Store:: hmmm...Best Buy/Barnes and Nobles/Joseph Beths
Article of clothing:: Velvet anything
Rock n roll era:: i love the 50's

This or That
Freedom or Responsibility:: freedom
Cult hit or little known movie:: little known
HP or LotR:: LOTR always
CDs or Vinyls:: CDs
Brother or sister:: sister (wish i had one :(
Catholicism or Atheism:: hmmmm...pagan
Life or death:: life
Frogs or toads:: toads (more fun to say)
Fantasy or reality:: fantasy
High school or college:: college, always
McDonalds or Burger King:: McDonalds (damn their McChicken!)
Yellow or red:: red
Emode or Ebay:: ebay
Yahoo or Google:: google
Download or buy music:: uhm....i plead the fifth, but i do like to have an actual cd
Message boards or chat rooms:: chats
Internet or REAL ppl:: internet
Questions or answers:: answers (i want to know damn it)
War or peace:: peace
Laughter or tears:: tears
Evil or sweet:: evil.
Bad boy/girl or good guy/girl:: good boy
Sidekick or main guy/girl:: sidekick
Poetry or short stories:: poetry
Poetry or novels:: novels
Amusement park or walk on the beach:: beach
Taking this survey or being bored:: survey,
Love or hate:: Love
Fighting or hugging:: hugging
Pink or black:: black.
Disney or Porno:: porn, followed by disney
Bowie or Stones:: ... bowie
Movies or TV:: movies
Early or late:: late.
Pizza or hamburger:: pizza
Making sense or craziness:: crazy, i'm crazy for feeling so lonely!
Old or young:: old
Wrinkles or freckles:: wrinkles
Coke or Pepsi:: Pepsi
Dr. Pepper or Mt. Dew:: DR. PEPPER!
Queen or Queens of the Stone Age:: Queen
Christmas or Halloween:: argh.....uhm uhm....damnit....both
The 70s or the 80s:: 70`s
Hip hop or pop:: pop
Instruments or vocals:: instruments
Chinese or Mexican food:: Chinese
Sleep or school:: sleep
School or working at McDonalds:: school
Done or over:: over.
Adjectives or adverbs:: adjectives.
Tags: about me, meme, rape, stuff to avoid

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