looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

Announcing the arrival...

Hi all! Just a first tiny update to let you know that I'm home with my precious bundle today. Lukas was born on Dec 3rd at 12:20 PM (coincidentally I was born at that exact time on Dec 23rd, eery isn't it). He arrived after a shortish labor of 9 hours (my water broke first at 3 am) and weighed in at 6 lbs 9.5 oz. He's 19.5 inches long and doing well. He's perfect in every way and I'm so in love with his little face. I plan on taking some pictures in the next few days, and hope to get the ones from the moments right after his birth from his grandma, so you guys will get to see my little prince soon.
Tags: baby, funny shit to make me laugh, happy family, lukas, pictures

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