looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

sleep deprivation thy name is insanity

My son is crazy talented. He always wakes when someone runs the bath. It's like he knows that we are trying to sneak away for ten minutes instead of keeping our sentry at his side. It's amusing and frustrating. He'll sleep so well for part of the day but when it comes to nighttime, he's a totally different baby - fuss monster 2000. He can somehow pee so that it makes a perfect circle on his back but doesn't leave any trail from diaper to circle (how the hell does he do that?). And just now, the biggest trick of all, he managed to push his diaper down off his butt so that it was hanging on his knees. This was no loose diaper either. I swear he has voodoo powers.

In other news, I'm tired and tired of my bed where Lukas and I spend the majority of the day because I can't seem to go anywhere else or do anything else because he pitches a fit. I know I said "no" to the cosleeping thing, but some nights that's the only way any of us are getting any rest at all. He's so fitfull at night, and nothing seems to soothe him other than holding him. Jason keeps saying that we (mainly me) are going to spoil him but I don't think you can spoil a newborn. If he's crying, he needs us. Besides I can not sit there in bed with him screaming in the next room, makes me feel cruel. Not to mention, who the hell can sleep through that? Ah well, time will tell.

Breastfeeding continues to be a problem, as apparently my milk production is a lot lower because of my PCOS. Add that to his resistance to wanting to latch on, and you have poor mama supplementing with formula and pumping like a mad person. Makes feeding time last well over an hour most times. It's worth it though if I can get him some of the good stuff from me and also give him enough to fight the jaundice. I have a dr's appointment for him tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have some good news that he's finally gaining back some weight and that the jaundice is going as well.
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