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And it's another year already....

Because it's important to review and I did such a piss poor job of journaling my life this year, here is the year rap up meme....


1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?
Getting a tattoo, going through pregnancy and giving birth, both were truly surprising and miraculous.  While I somewhat documented the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, I never really wrote anything up about my labor.  The one thing I'll always remember about labor was trying to do the lamaze breathing through the worst of the contractions.  We were at the part where I should have been either "he he he he" or "he he he hooo" breathing but it was so hard to do that I started "sh sh sh sh" which over time turned to "shit shit shit shit" (which later turned to "help meeeee").  It was funny then and still funny now :).

2. What places did you visit?
hmmm....nowhere this year :(

3. What was your favorite film of this year?
I really had a rough year entertainment-wise.  I really enjoyed "The Illusionist" this year though.

4. What was your favorite holiday in 2006 and why?
hmmm....none were standouts, but I suppose Christmas was the best because I was with my family and my baby boy.

5. What was your most watched tv show during 2006?
probably one of the CSI's or Law and Orders because they are on when I'm not working and I tend to watch a lot of them.

6. What was your favorite TV program?
still Lost, I most say, though I've really enjoyed Heroes this year.

7. What was the best book or book series you read?
nonfiction would be the "What to Expect" series....Fiction would most likely be Craig Ferguson's book "Between the Bridge and the River"

8. What was your greatest musical discovery?
hmmm...didn't have many this year, as I was rediscovering old favorites but I have loved my new found favorite Gary Jules (you know the song that addicted our household if you've ever seen the commercial for the video game "Gears of War") and I'm currently addicted to that Stone Sour song "Through the Glass".

9. Which celebrity/public figure did you read about/keep up with the most?
For some reason, I've not been on top of the celebrity/public person gossip this year, though I've not been able to avoid all the "showing the junk" scandles or of course anything to do with Paris Hilton.

10. What relationships began, ended, or significantly changed during 2006? Why and how?
My relationship with my friend Catherine changed significantly this year in that we hardly ever talk or get to see each other any more.  The why would be a long answer mostly due to my own work schedule and exhaustion from the pregnancy and the how escapes me.  I don't know how I could have let our relationship deteriorate in such a manner.  I blame myself.

11. What was your biggest expenditure in 2006? Do you feel you got your money’s worth?
Biggest was definitely the purchase of my home and we got more than our money's worth for sure.

12. Who was your mentor or role model in 2006?
Hmmm...well different people for different things.  In the work related aspect my mentor was my boss, Stacy, who does amazing work and never failed to teach me something.  For pregnancy and child related, I really started looking back on my parents fondly for their amazing parenting even in times of trouble. 

13. Who was the most helpful professional or service person you dealt with in 2006?
hmmm....weird question, but I'd have to say that the lady at the Motherhood store was the most helpful person ever because she led me completely through the whole nursing bra crisis.  God bless her, lol.  As for professional, the lactation consultant at the hospital was awesome, though she had to be the bearer of bad news for me.

14. Who was the least helpful professional or service person you dealt with in 2006?
lol...now those you can remember a bit easier.  In the professional sense, the two nurses who I began my labor with who were the most hostile, impatient, insensitive bitches I've ever had the disfortune to deal with.

15. Did you learn any new skills in 2006? If so, what?
I learned an enormous amount of photography skills in 2006 that pertained to my job but also for all future personal use and through my excessive watching of "Good Eats" I gained new culinary skills such as the proper way to cook a turkey and, more importantly, how to make caramel sauce.

16. What skills did you work on developing further or fine tuning in 2006?
Photography mainly

17. What did you learn about yourself in 2006?
that I can get pregnant and deal with disappointment better than I thought and apparently that I am able to take great risks without too much fear

18. What did you learn about someone close to you in 2006?
that Jason is excellent with babies

19. What did you keep close to your heart in 2006?
a lot of my fear and anxiety about the baby

20. What transitions did you experience in 2006?
buying a house, moving to a new city, having a child

21. What was your biggest achievement/accomplishment/personal gain of 2006?
getting four photos accepted as merit prints for use in advertising by Olan Mills and having Lukas

22. What was your biggest failure/setback/disappointment of 2006?
Not being able to stop smoking while pregnant :(, which I still feel awful about.

23. What was your personal success that was the most meaningful to you in 2006? (Not the same question as 21 as the biggest may or may not be the most personally meaningful)
My biggest were also my most meaningful

24. Did you suffer illness or injury in 2006? Is it ongoing or better now?
Just the normal pregnancy  and postpartum ills, otherwise okay.

25. What was the best thing you bought in 2006?
My house, the What to Expect book, and my tattoo

26. What was the best gift you received in 2006?
hmmmm....Lukas? Does that count?

27. Whose behavior merited celebration in 2006?
wow, I have no idea....everyone's probably :)

28. Whose behavior upset you greatly?
lol...again everyone's but specifically asshole parents who are too demanding on their children and anyone who harmed children this year 

29. Of those close to you, who had the best/most positive attitude in 2006?
my mother, as always

30. Of those close to you, who had the worst/most depressing attitude in 2006?
close to me in proximity was my coworker who seemed to always have shit to talk about

31. What did you do for fun in 2006?
watched a lot of movies and that's about it

32. What meaningful hobbies/activities did you engage in during 2006?
didn't really have any this year, was too otherwise occupied for hobbies

33. What song will always remind you of 2006?
lol...well by virtue of default in that I'm always singing it to calm a fussy child this month I'll have to answer "This little light of mine"

34. What do you wish you’d done more of in 2006?
working on my creative pictures and websites, as well as journaled

35. What do you wish you’d done less of in 2006?
worked and spent time alone

36. Did you fall in love or date anyone significant in 2006?
lol, just my baby boy

37. How many one-night stands or brief encounters did you have in 2006?

38. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

39. Do you love anyone now that you didn’t love this time last year?
Lukas :)

40. What did you want or need and get?
I needed and wanted everything for the baby and got  a lot of it.

41. What did you want or need and not get?
a new car mainly and a new job.

42. What was your absolute weirdest encounter with another human being during 2006?
Would have to be taking pictures for the Jerry Springer Show people and talking to that producer on the phone.

45. What was your best/happiest encounter with another human being during 2006?
My happiest was the day I found out I was pregnant and got to laugh and cry with Jason

46. What was your worst/most distressing encounter with another human being in 2006?
Labor with the nurse bitches from hell

47. What got fixed and improved in 2006 and who fixed it?

48. What was the prettiest thing you saw during 2006?
Lukas's first smile

49. Who did you miss in 2006?
Catherine, an increasing amount.

50. Whose presence were you grateful for every day? (or nearly every day anyways)
two of my coworkers who kept me laughing and going last year and Jason, who through all of it, was my rock this year

51. Who was the best new person you met or got to know in 2006?
probably Kelly, one of my coworkers, Amy from KMart, and the person only known as Lee from Second Life who was a great companion whom I learned a lot from and kept me company for months

52. What was the best gift you gave to another being during 2006?
some lasting family memories through my photography this year

53. What are you proud of from 2006?
I'm proud that I stuck it out this year and really worked on improving my own life

54. What good thing did you persist in despite tiredness, boredom, or discouragement during 2006?
working and my health

55. What dumb thing did you persist in despite better knowledge in 2006?
working at the studio with the hope that people were all generally good at heart, knowing that in reality they were all out for their own and for what they good get away with

56. If applicable, what kept you sane?
my mother, my cats, and the knowledge that it all was about to change for the better

57. If applicable, what drove you crazy?
Bill O'Reilly's tirades about stores and "Christmas", people who would make me work my ass off for good pictures and then just get the promotional package only, and Jason's insistance on bitching about politics

58. What was your most meaningful moment of 2006, the thing that makes you say, “yes, this is all worthwhile!”?
Looking at my beautiful baby in the hospital for the first time alone and realizing that I'd been waiting for him my entire life

59. What stable thing in your life became less stable in 2006?
finances and family

60. What unstable thing in your life became more stable in 2006?
my mental health

61. What political issue made you the happiest?
wow....none really, I was mostly disappointed this year

62. What political issue disturbed you the most?
the uproar about illegal immigrants (or should I say undocumented workers *rolling eyes*), the fall of the bill to raise minimum wage, the gay marriage issue simply because it should not even be an issue.  I still don't understand why political lines are being drawn over people and love.  Let it alone already!

63. What decisions did you make in 2006 that will likely affect 2007 and beyond?
Having a child definitely, buying the house, leaving work for a temporary or indeterminate amount of time, and most likely cashing out my 401K

64. What is a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006 that you would like to pass on to others?
I learned it about 5 years ago, but this year it hit me again: "You will be amazed at how much strength you actually have to move beyond adversity." as well as "Change is good"

65. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
"If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars

seems applicable because that chorus always captured me and because I basically dropped off the face of the world for many people that meant a lot to me, and just let time pass by.  The whole year felt like I was waiting for the change to hit, and now it has and everything has just sped back up to the right time.

66. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Last year's resolutions
1. Lose 25 lbs. (I was one pound short of this goal in April when I found out that I was pregnant, at the time of this writing I'm 9 pounds short, so we had progress!)
2. Learn something new everyday. (I probably didn't meet this goal to the letter, but I bet I came close)
3. Keep my websites up to date. (Hah!  Failed miserably at this one once I found out I was pregnant, but it just didn't mean as much to me anymore.)
4. Go to LA to see Craig (Never happened, and I have no idea if it ever will, but my dad got to meet him in Las Vegas and captured his signature on his book for me "To the Glasgow Susan" *happy sigh*)
5. Take the GRE (Again I say a big "NOPE!")

This year's resolutions shall be similar:
1. Lose 25 lbs because I'm determined to get under 200 again and to get much healthier.
2. Take the GRE.
3. Photograph my baby boy like crazy but particularly for his milestones and to get at least one professional family picture made this year.
4. Get married, by hell or high water damn it!
5. Go back to creating digitial work for my and other's amusement.
6. Invest more time in my friendships.

67. Did anyone close to you give birth? Well me, my friend Chris (again!)

68.  Did anyone close to you die? No one in my family that I was close to died, but my great uncle passed and my fiance's grandmother died as well. 

69. What dates from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? March 6:day of my first tattoo, April 14: day that the stick turned up with two lines (pregnant woot!), May 30: day I heard Lukas's heartbeat for the first time, July 17: Purchase of first home, August 8: Ultrasound where Lukas wouldn't let us see his face because he kept throwing his hand up, November 16: one year with Olan Mills, December 3: day of excruciating pain and emotions otherwise known as Lukas's birthday, December 23: 30th birthday, which was very tired and sucky

70. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder? happier by far
b) thinner or fatter? Thinner, by a small bit, but body is much weirder shaped lol
c) richer or poorer? poor, but not as depressed or freaked about it

71. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I sat at home with Jason and the baby, traveled to Glasgow Dairy Cream to purchase an ice cream cake (my one wish), and fretted over the fact that I wasn't getting to do anything special on my birthday.....oh, and I was 30

72. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? More money, friends, and being able to breastfeed like I wanted to do.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005? Mostly was pregnancy related lol.

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? Still Craig, I must say

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2006. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".
okay, I was very bad about journaling this year, so I'll put what I have

Jan:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh! When is the new Lost?
Feb:why can't men just tell you their feelings so you don't have to guess and make a complete mess of situations?
Mar:hey guys, this is going to be a weird message but, uhm, it's almost like a private message for Catherine (but not really)
Apr:i had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I was in college with Jason, only we are the age that we are now.
May:I am such a slacker.
June:Hey, it's me. I am, uh, making a voice post to complain because I just think people are absolutely rude and even when they think they have an opinion that needs to be expressed they should possibly hold it to their damn self because what they are about to say is about to come off incredibly wrong from what they intended it to and if they do intend it to be that evil then they need to go to hell and still keep it to themselves. (shew! run on sentence from hell)
July:Well, this is Susan, of course, and I'm calling with huge news! I am, officially, a home owner!;
Aug:Normally, if I had internet access I would just type this in real quickly but since I don't you guys get a voice post.
Sept: none made :( *sniff sniff*
Oct: Hello, long time no talk again.
Nov: none again :(
Dec: <Hi all! Just a first tiny update to let you know that I'm home with my precious bundle today.


Conclusion for this year: lots of change, too much time passes with no talking from me....will change that this year :).

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