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The downward spiral

As if things weren't bad enough....I come to work today, and beside being overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do, I find out that my resident cleaning lady has quit her job and vacated her apartment all while I was gone. So now we sit with 10 empty apartments, no cleaner, no maintenance, and an insane manager. *sigh*

still no word from Asheville on the jury's verdict. It makes me especially nervous that it's taking them so long to decide. I would have figured I would have got a call by now, but no. Perhaps they believed me and are just arguing over which charge to convict him of. That would be nice....

damn that cleaner....thought she would show more respect and concern than that. especially since she always pretended to be a friend. guess i know how she really feels now.
Tags: about me, rant, rape, stuff to avoid, work

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