looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

to sleep perchance to sleep

my sleep is so out of wack. For the past several nights, I've stayed up till 4ish either with the baby or waiting for him to wake up for a feeding and then slept till 8 or 9. Tonight seems like it's off to the same start. I finally got him layed down and I went to the kitchen to make up the night's batch of formula, only to find out that Jason decided to take that moment to wake in his cold water tub. What that means is that he immediately started running hot water again, which as we all know makes Lukas magically wake up and start screaming. At this moment, he is being fitfull in his bed, making little noises and trying to fight off sleep. My next several hours will most likely be played out with me reclined on the bed, a child laid out all comfy on my chest , and a stomach growling for food....not as fun as it sounds.
Tags: lukas, night musing

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