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I just finished watching "The Lake House" and perhaps I was just in the right mood for it but I loved it so much. The story spoke to me deep in the heart, and left it's words resonating through me. I had so many thoughts about my life, about second life. It's so odd to find a connection to that movie, but the parallels were tangible. Being on the computer and communicating with people that I've never seen, sharing our lives through electronic wires...much like writing letters through time. I didn't want that movie to end. Funny how the movies that you love do that to you. You are never satisfied with the "happily ever after" that is implied. You want to see what happens tomorrow, or if tragedy ever again befalls them.

I want to write a letter to someone, actually get out a pen and some nice stationary and just spill some sweet words. I miss getting love notes in the mail. I have a friend that told me that he never received even one love note in the mail and I thought to myself that that was the saddest thing I'd ever heard. Unfortunately, it will become all too common now that everything is digital. If I had his address, I'd write him one and mail it off today...*smile* That would be just the thing, I think. All of my old received love letters are still bundled up, they travel house to house with me and I don't think that I shall ever part with them, though the love that inspired them is long dead. I used to pull them out, once a year, and read every little line. It was always funny that no matter how much time passed, those notes were always just like yesterday.

I'm in a very hopeless romantic mood. I blame Lukas, he was the one that picked the movie. Figures that he'd fall asleep before it was even done.

So nothing to do now but to write down my favorite love poem of all time, and a new one that my new friend sent me. Both make me feel quite....serene. :) 

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