looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

some minor observations

today, while lost amidst advil untouchable cramps, I sat outside and smoked a cigarette in one of my few moments of peace.  As I sat on the steps of my porch, I looked around the trailer park, realizing for the first time that our house is the only house facing all the other doors around me.  It's a perfect perch for people watching and observation of the neighbors' comings and goings.  As I know not one of my neighbors, I find it interesting to make up stories of them.  

Today's attractions were few, but one captured me like a soap opera.  There was a woman and a man, holding hands (much like the slow dance v.5 if you are an SLer), talking, giving little kisses.  Even from a distance I could tell it was love.  I continued to watch them, and they moved into a full on embrace and kiss, burying their faces into each other's necks.  I began to think, that they were internet lovers who were parting after finally meeting.  They stood by the car, obviously not wanting to let each other go, kept going back for more kisses, longer hugs.  Then they took turns pushing each other up against the car, the guy even made a half hearted attempt to pick her up *lol*.  Slowly, they moved farther from the car out to the yard where they slowdanced with each other under a tree, continuing their painful goodbye.  At that point I left to feed Lukas, but I continued my little story for them in my head.  

Just now, I went back out for another cigarette, and glanced towards the house where the couple was.  As I watched, they exited the house, a bit more rumpled and began their slow tango of goodbyes again.  This one was far more successful as they opened her car down, but otherwise the script was the same.  I got to watch their final goodbye and saw her drive off slowly while he watched, grinned, and waved.  It was very sweet.  Makes me remember many such goodbyes. Makes me half wistfull for some of that myself.

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