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Just when I start to get down, I start to see the path through to the other side. I've been googling a lot today and going through WKU's website on graduate admissions and trying to track down specific details about the process and the psychology programs offered. Apparently, I do have a little more breathing space on the admissions deadline. I have until March 1st to have everything in for the psychology degree programs. Unfortunately, I do have to include three letters of recommendation because they insist that all psych graduate students also apply for a graduate studies assistantship. So that's the good and the bad news. I have emailed for more information from the experimental psych program asking for details on the courses, the research opportunities, and the faculty specialties. Should I not be impressed with that, I suppose I'll be getting a general Psych MA, because i'm 99.9% against getting the school psychology degree since it is only a Specialist in Education degree. I want my MA damn it! Color me selfish, but I don't think I'd be very proud of myself if I went through two more years of super expensive schooling to walk out with anything less than a Masters.

Speaking of expensive, when the hell did tuition get so high? For a semester as a grad student as an instate student, it costs $3400. I used to pay only slightly more than that as an OUT OF STATE student. What the fuck?

*sigh* I hear the hissing giggle of my crawler coming for me down the hall, guess I'll have to cut this short *grin*.
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