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and then there are good days :)

well today was a good day, from midnight till now, I've had a pleasant, what-felt-like normalcy kind of day. I'll skip the lovey dovey part from this morning, and hop to getting to talk with friends, then bed. I was allowed to sleep in until 9ish when the whole family went out to get doughnuts (and not from the nasty too dense doughnut shop but one more like Krispy Kreme). Then back to bed until afternon, where i enjoyed the most unusual but pleasant midday nap dream of sex, school, and oddly Jordan Knight (don't ask, and no it wasn't sex with him :P). Then up to take the family swimming, which was lil pokey toes first time. He loved it, started out all quiet and unsure, but soon he was splashing, jumping, even kicked his legs like he was swimming when i put him on his belly. He ended up sticking his tongue out and hopping trying to catch water from the sprays of the fountains. It was really nice. Then we all went to Taco Bell, where Mr. had another first sitting up like a big boy in one of those child seats and munching on little bits of soft tortilla. He finally figured out how to get that last little piece in too. I was such a proud mama. We came home to a little housework and a couple of nice glasses of mudslide over ice. I'm so happy at this moment.

But perhaps the sweetest memory of today was when I woke from my nap and found a naughty email from Jason. He never emails me, and it was such a sweet, sexy, baudy thing. I've never felt more thrilled. I love my family :).
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