looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

A Sage by any other name...

So much news, so little internet access. It's been far too long since I had the internet at home, and those spare moments eeked out at the local library have been spent trying to fill out online applications. Far too little time to give the journal an update. But here's the news of the moment as I think of them. I'm hoping that if I write the journal entry at home and then upload it in a few seconds when I have a chance that I'll at least be updating more.

At this point in this most trying of all pregnancies, I've had three ultrasounds. The first was more a breath of relief than anything really telling as it occurred at only the 9th week. The relief was knowing that the baby was actually still alive and in knowing that my approximated date of conception was right on. I was terribly nervous prior to that ultrasound because the same day that I got the pregnancy test from the doctor, I spent the majority of that day in the hospital having a severe and sudden staph infection excised from my arm. Needless to say the pain and stress of that month prior to the first ultrasound made me doubtful about the health of the baby. Time went on though, the pregnancy progressed and the morning sickness, which I was so fortunate to have dodged for the most part in the first pregnancy, continued to plague me. This has been one pregnancy that has made me very familiar with the pattern of my bathroom wallpaper and bathroom carpet status :). The second ultrasound was in late December and was awesome. It was very long and thorough and to the best of my and the technician's abilities, we determined that I'm having a little girl this time. (insert *wheeeeeeee* here) I had to have another one this last week though because the baby was in a crazy breech position the last time and they were unable to get good pictures of the spine. This third technician was the biggest biatch that I've had the misfortune of dealing with. She wouldn't let me see the ultrasound and spent only a moment when she reviewed at the end. She didn't even take the time to try and find out if the baby is indeed a girl. So at this time, I'm going with girl, going to name her Sage (middle name is still under much debate, but currently I'm taken with Sage Danielle).

Other than that, I spend my days attempting to clean and chasing around my lil prince who is growing smarter and more devious by the day. He is such a beautiful wonderful light in my life. I don't know how I lived with myself before him :). Should I get home internet back anytime soon, I'll have to publish some of his wonderful daily hijinks and photos of lurve :).

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