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Where's my "me time"?

*headdesk* you know, I really took my alone time for granted when I was childless. Now that I have a one year old (going on four year old) always running around, I find myself completely jealous of people without kids including my former self. It's not so much that you don't have time, because I actually do have more time spent at home doing nonproductive things. Rather, it's that the time you have to fill is spent either constantly cleaning again what was just clean before the toddler tornado hit it or you find yourself segregated to one area of the house as the tornado goes through. If I try to do anything I enjoy, there's little booger under feet yelling at me because I'm not letting him join in or not watching him have all the fun. And I'm sorry, but there's only so much playing you can do with a child when you are seven months pregnant before you want to just take a break.

For example, I have neglected all photoshop learning and manipulating for the past 4-5 months simply because I just couldn't find the time or energy to do it. Yesterday, I pulled out one of my old bedraggled Computer Arts magazines and sat down to do a tutorial for a bit. As of today, I'm still working on step 21 out of 25, making all the delicate strokes on an image. The baby is currently screaming beside me trying to pull down the blinds, fighting me for control of the mouse and graphic pen, and running around the office making occasional jabs at the computer's power button. Sounds fun eh? I long for a year ago when he napped more than he was awake and was simply pleased as punch to sit in my lap while I tapped away at the keyboard. Oh woe for the mama who has lost all of her stress relieving pursuits. Woe, I say!

Anyone have any tips for finding just a half hour a day for the mama of a 14 month old? Nap times are increasingly too short....*sigh*

And one more thing for the universe, I dreamed about Stephanie last night, I'm adding her to my list of people I miss. Hoping she is well and sending out a mental goodwill for her no matter her status.

And universe, I am calling you on this shenanigan that you are calling the seventh month of pregnancy. It's not apparently not enough that I feel as heavy as 20 third world country citizens, am exhausted, and barely keeping away heartburn. Apparently not. Thus you send me constipation, followed by a hemorrhoid, which is accompanied with a severe ear infection, which leads to a perforated ear drum. This is of course treated with antibiotics, which triggers a yeast infection and unfortunately does not treat the latest eruption of skin swellings. You bring all of these ills together to face me just as I'm about to go have three to four root canals done (my first ever, surprisingly enough). I don't think that I want my body having to fight, heal, and deal with this many ills at the same time. So universe, I've called your shenanigans, so fix it. Enough is enough. No more illnesses, infections, irritations, swellings, or breakdowns of healthy bodily goings on, you hear? And sorry for anyone that had to read all that.

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