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Sour stomachs and 20 questions

ugh, the trials and tribulations of the pregnant digestive system.  I ate what I thought was a good healthy mid afternoon meal today of cantaloupe, grapes, cheddar cheese and wheat thins.  That apparently is a lethal combination.  Since that meal I have had the sourest stomach that leaves this weird sick aftertaste slightly reminiscent of cauliflower.  I'm blaming the cantaloupe.  

In other non-interesting news, I was thinking about all those lists that people incessantly fill out and repost on journals, myspace, etc.  that ask the same tired questions like "have you ever traveled overseas?", "what color of underwear are you wearing?", and "who's the last person you talked to/kissed/got mad at?"    I was thinking to myself that rarely do I learn anything new about a person from them and that the main motivation for filling them out is to replace a few moments of boredom.  In light of that, I propose a new "fill-in" list with much more mind pressing questions.  I shall demonstrate below:

Rules are the same as usual: Read the questions, ponder the questions, fill in your answers, and watch it spread like wildfire through your friends list.

1. Have you ever heard rain fall on a tin roof? Indeed I have, though it's been quite some time, and to be honest, I didn't quite enjoy the sound. It's loud and lonely

2.Do you ever experience something so overwhelming to your senses (any of the five will do) that you have to just pause, close your eyes and drink it in? indeed, used to happen more, now I seem to have little time to enjoy the experience. I should bring that back. Must stop to smell the roses after all

3.Did you ever wish you had a twin? God, did I ever! I used to have these play fantasies that one day my "separated-at-birth" twin would come waltzing into my life.

4.Have you ever tempted fate by eating poprocks while drinking coke(southern slang version used there)? yes, but it took 30 years before I dared it, and even then I had to find a guinea pig to do it first in front of me

5.Have you ever jumped into a big pile of leaves? As I'm lucky enough to live in a climate that has a spectacular show of autumnal leaves, I can say yes I have. And it rocks!

6.If you could renew one friendship that you'd lost over the years, who would it be with and why? I would renew my friendship with my old roommate Brandon O simply because he was one of the truest, most faithful, joyful people I've ever known and I would love to see what kind of an adult he grew up to be. And also, there are days that I'd kill to hear him sing some ELO again.

7. Who do you miss the most right now? I desperately miss many of my friends that I don't get enough time to goof around with, but I think lately I've missed my grandmother even more. I would love to see how much she would love my child.

8.If you had it to do all over again, would you still go on that first date with your current spouse/partner/lover? If I had a 100% chance of having Lukas any other way, I would not still go on that date. But as that is impossible, I would still go.

9. Say any three things about yourself that are positive and honest in your opinion: 1)I have a gentle spirit 2)I am loving beyond what is expected or noticed 3)I have the best quirkiest sense of humor

10. If you were to kill someone, would you dump their body in a car into a river? I really don't think I would.

11. Do you have something that is pissing you off at this exact moment? Indeed I do. I am pissed off that a particular person only seems willing to talk to me when their significant other is not online. That makes me want to beat them.

12. What secrets are you currently keeping (stay anonymous and cryptic on this)? 1)keeping a friend's pregnancy from another friend 2)keeping an infidelity quiet

13. Is your body begging you for a bathroom break at the moment? Hell's yes...*grumble grumble* pregnancy

14. Did you just get off your bottom to go take care of #13? lol yes

15. If you become famous, will you actually want to write a memoir? Indeed, even if I don't become famous.

16. If I told you that the average blogwriter spends an equivalent of 48 hours filling out question memes, would you find that accurate? Sure, though I think it may on occasion be even more depending on the years of online journaling

17. Has the use of the word "blog" and the actual popularity of everyone from news reporters to pig farmers "blogging" affected the amount of time that you want to "blog" yourself? It has negatively impacted my own journaling. I don't want to be a "blogger" per say

18. Should "Rad" come back into popularity as a catch word? no, it takes a certain person to say that word with dignity now

19. Whether or not politics appeal to you, do you have a candidate you are supporting and why? I don't have one, I'm still looking for one that grabs me

20. Post a picture, any picture. No explanation needed:

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