looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
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random postings....racism?

Am I the only one afraid that my own repeated use of IM slang like "rofl" "lol" and "omg" may be poisoning my ability to think and write properly? Tonight isn't the first time that I have pondered this question, nor the first time that I actually found myself thinking in slang. It's a bit odd, I believe.

In other random thoughts, I spent a good part of an hour earlier, reading through old and new post secret cards and then responses about one of them in particular. Many of the people who say the following post secret were disturbed and cried out claims of racism. see here, i hope

Now I'm not advocating the posters sentiments, but I am also not quick to call the poster of the card a racist. Color me naive, but when I read it the first time I chuckled and thought it was most likely said in jest, and were in not said in jest they the person is seriously out of touch with the powers of the president. Now, after reading response after response, I wonder if I should have noted racism in the card or even my own response. I do not know. All that I do know at this point is that I didn't think it much of a thing to become upset over for several reasons. For one, we all know that could never happen. For another, it's obviously someone overreacting to the high political drama that the media is trying to instill in us. Lastly, is this card all that different from all the hysteria that was said when Hillary was the frontrunner? Or McCain? I say, calm down people. We shall all see who wins this race in a few short months. Will America change? Possibly. Will it change so drastically that we don't know what it means to be American anymore? Doubtfully. No matter, that's just my two cents.

And for a complete weird coincedence, I logged onto Second Life and realized that the glasses I wear most often on my avatar look amazingly like my new real life ones. For once, my avatar must have influenced the crazy person controlling her. How long before the rest of me looks like Ema? (which in many ways would be such a wonderful thing, she's a bit slimmer :))
Tags: political, random thoughts, second life

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