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i'm concerned....i got up this morning and J tells me that he had a strange pain episode in the night, the symptoms of which all lead to very scary illnesses. He said he had been up most of the night vomiting, then got an extremely stiff neck, which led to a sudden dehibilitating pain that covered one entire side of his head and face. Said it was so painful he couldn't move and that it lasted about 10 mins or so. My immediate thought was stroke, but he doesn't seem to have any symptoms now. It's scarying me a bit, so I've been googling information on the symptoms and it could have been a stroke, a TIA (mini stroke), aneurysm, or even meningitis. All of those are scary prospects. I really feel he should go to a doctor or the hospital and have some tests done but he's being stubborn. I'm going to be watching him like a hawk now. So freaking scary.
Tags: sickly, stuff to avoid

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