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another freaking survey....bored much?

Abortion?:no, and i don't care if that makes me conservative
Death Penalty?:no, life imprisonment is a more fitting punishment
Prostitution?:why not? as long as it's regulated...personally would never do it
Alcohol?:if you want to, fine
Marijuana?:should be legal, less harmful than cigs and alcohol
Other drugs?:sure, regulate but make legal
Gay marriage?:definitely
Illegal immigrants?:no, there are enough ways to enter legally without that
Smoking?:hate it, but i do it, and that's my right
Drunk driving?:no
Cloning?:hmm....only parts, not people
Premarital sex?:yes, but with limitations
Religion?:faith yes, dogma no
The war in Iraq?:no
Bush?:hell no
Downloading music?:yes
The legal drinking age?:should stay the same or go to 18
Suicide?:should not be illegal, but would hate to see people die

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK
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