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icon making woes

*grumbling in frustration* it's been so long since I wanted to make an animated icon that I didn't realize that Photoshop CS3 doesn't include Imageready. I'm ready to throw the book at the makers. *cries* now i either have to install an old version of Imageready (if I can find the damn disk) or figure out how to get flash to work with the Photoshop file I've made. Who can I blame for this huge oversight in the Adobe family, eh? *looks for scapegoats*

surprisingly, I actually am taking the time to make new icons. I've got one down and at least 9 to go....*grumble grumble*

**EDIT** so i was doing some grumbling research on the whole discontinued Imageready issue and discovered that they integrated a lot of my favorite Imageready features into the new CS3. What this means is that there's a whole hidden Animation feature inside CS3 that's supposed to work just like Imageready did. I haven't tried it yet, but wheeeeeeeeee. So freaking happy. If I was a kind person, I'd let all those iconmaking communities that I belong to aware of this feature, because scrolling through their archives they acted like all hope was lost with animation and CS3. Let's hope that I can actually make it work lol.
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