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Icon posting!

Yay!!! I finally finished round one of the great livejournal icon remaking 2008 and thus shall be sporting 12 brandspanking new icons to delight and amaze you all (*snorts with laughter*). No seriously, I am pleased with my self, though some are quite amateur, but what can one expect after such a long lapse in icon creativity. I am including all that I made, and feel free to snag any that you like for your own personal use (in fact there is one in particular that I made with a friend in mind). Most I made with my "universal plan of change in mind" so that they can be used when accomplishments have been made in those specific categories. Some, like the fireflies one, were simply for my own love and amusement. Without further ado, the icons:

1) 2) 3)

4) 5) 6)

7) 8) 9)

10) 11) 12)
Tags: flist love, icons, pictures

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