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Lots of Lukas and other graphic goodies :)

So I threw up my hands at trying to figure out the gallery right now, and instead am going to put the newest park pictures in this post the old fashioned photobucket way. But in addition, I have two new Lukas videos (muhahahah). Both were just taken on Saturday at the park. The first video is while we were at the duckpond and he started doing his new super funny (and slightly evil sounding) laugh. We didn't get much of it, but it was too funny to pass up. The second video is Lukas splashing in puddles by the playground. Surprisingly enough, this was his first ever puddle splashing, making me a super happy mom. He must have splashed for 10 mins, but we captured just a little of it. You can see my eight and a half month preggo body for like a second in it, but it's not a good picture to show you the enormity of my super belly. I am hopeful that I'll be able to get my mother to take a good profile shot of that on Easter sunday so that you can see why I feel like a beached whale *grin*. The rest of the pictures are various ones at the park Saturday and from a different playground a week or two ago. And I did sneakily slip in one of lil man passed out on his equally unconscious father, just because it makes me smile. Lastly, there is a few graphics that I've eeked out in my small amounts of me time: one wallpaper, one cutie magically picture (was playing with the pen tool), and one new icon of lurve.

1. The crazy laugh

2. Puddle splashing the awesome style

Picture time!

Graphic Goodness

1. Serenity Wallpaper (made from an awesome tutorial, with my own change in graphic, found here)

2. Magic Boy

3. because that face was too much to pass up (made with help from a fake vectorish tutorial by the most awesome awmp found here)
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, happy family, icon, lukas, photoshop!, pictures!, video, work

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