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the daily grind begins

Today has been long, tiring, and interesting. I had my orientation for work, which consisted of the usual paperwork, OSHA video, and basic training. Seems like they are going to just throw us on in there and train us by doing. I worked about 5 hours total, and have another 10 scheduled the next two days. It seems like it won't be a terrible job, and it will be nice to be working again especially around families and children. Sadly, I have to wear a vest (in lieu of uniforms as they don't issue them for free anymore) and the only vest they had is woefully too small to fit over the baby belly. I shall look a bit disheveled until either I go purchase a red polo shirt or until I have the baby, but that is alright. Funnily enough, the company has an official "blogging" policy which basically said that they allow their employees to have blogs and to even write about their jobs but they do not allow blogging on company time (duh), vicious attacks against the company, or any behavior that violates their other policies. This means of course, if you are talking in a blog about being a criminal, pedophile, drug user, etc. that if the company becomes aware of such a blog that you can be terminated. I think that's pretty fair. It made me laugh to myself though reading it, as it's the first time I've worked for a company that actually has a written policy on blogging. Much amusement to me. The way I see it, my life is a pretty open book, but if there is anything that I will write about in this blog that I would not tell people at work, then I'll just make sure I filter those entries for privacy. Not much different from back when I worked for the apartment hell people and locked all those entries. It's just common sense really.

What is it about working with children that makes me so happy? I swear it makes the day go so much easier. I have found that jobs that I get to interact with kids are jobs that I am able to stay with. Even in the case of apartment hell job, sometimes it was worth it just to see those kids....but only sometimes lol. And honestly, though I'm not going to be making mad money in this job, is there anything better than being in a store surrounded by toys? That just freaking rocks! Not to mention, there's something entirely satisfying in knowing that if you are having a crappy day, you may be able to alleviate that with a little shootout or sword fight with a kid in the aisles *grin*. I'm so looking forward to those days.

I am content with being able to work again. It is going to be so nice to have some time away from the house, away from the responsibility and daily grind of chasing a toddler. Don't get me wrong, I adore my child with a passion and miss the hell out of his beautiful face when I'm away, but being able to get away for just a little while is totally awesome. And knowing that being away is actually bringing money into your household? Priceless.


I bought easter candy for lil man and Austin's easter baskets last night and went a little crazy. It's the first year that I'm making one for Lukas and the first year in a couple that we didn't just break down and buy a premade crap basket for Austin, so I'm guessing it's allowed. Sadly, I find myself already super drawn to the candy. I'm trying to stay away, but there's only hours between me and a miniature snickers I'm guessing. Thank goodness that if you went crazy buying candy that you have extra just for mama. *laugh*


And in other news, I'm finding myself irked at my buddy Chris who I've now emailed twice and he doesn't have the courtesy to email me back. He waits until those rare biweekly moments when I can actually catch him on yahoo messenger to respond to them. That's just crap. I say, if we hardly ever are online at the same time, and I actually make the effort to email you, then you better by god respond especially since I know he's online at work all the time and can take a moment to say something. Just anything. So Chris, know that I'm sending you psychic daggers until you say something ...grrr.


Lastly, I was going through my friend's list on here and noticed that somehow, someway, people I used to have as mutual were no longer friended on my account, so I added a bunch of you back, so now I can catch up on you again now that I'm more active again. In going through that process I found a new person had friended me, and just me that I do not know in the least. Seems strange, but it was nice in a way to see that someone out there thinks I have something of interest to say. So hello new friend *waves*. If I bore you with the tedious little details of my life, feel free to leave at anytime. *smile*
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