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so yeah, somehow 5 days went by without an entry from me. honestly, there hasn't been much to say other than "i worked today, my feet hurt" but there have been those little things that made me laugh, smile, grimace, or otherwise turn into a blubbery mess. I'll try to ramble on about some of them here....

first up, lil mister Lukas....has to be the most awesome baby that god could have ever given me. he has turned into such an crazy adorable person, but beyond that apparently he wants to be in the running for the 2028 USA men's Summer Olympics Gymnastic Team. I shall explain. The last few days he's been doing crazy acrobatic moves that I swear I've never seen or heard of a child doing. First up, a few days ago he was sitting in his lil person sized rocking chair, when he suddenly puts his hands down on the seat on both sides of him, stretches his legs out straight and just starts lifting his body up and down like some weird type of pushup that you see the gymnasts do on the parallel bars (seen here). It really amazed J and I watching him, which just made Lukas laugh his funny evil laugh at us. Next, and previous to this event, he's been doing this strange climbing backwards thing that J and I call "crazy monkey legs". It's hard to describe but basically he puts his hands on the couch cushion while standing on the floor and then does this backward climb up the coffee table with his legs, before finally using brute strength to kind of push himself backwards on top of the table. This one is quite annoying because often J or I are used as props and Lukas gets mad when he can't quite do it. It's even worse when he's tired. Lastly, today I watched Lukas playing over beside the desk in the living room. Our desk in there has a pretty open back with these three metal bars that tie the sides together. Lukas laid under the lowest one (about oh 8-12 inches off the floor), raised his arms up to grasp it and then started doing chinups from a prone position. Again, mama was agog. This baby is freakishly strong, I swear.

*sigh* thought i had more energy to write tonight, but that's all i can handle for now. thus tomorrow begins another day of trying to pickup the insane mess of this house and dealing with my freakishly strong and hysterically attached to daddy toddler. *smile*
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