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tired, too tired

*resting tired bones in chair* well, most of the housecleaning got done. I haven't checked the bathrooms to see if they got wiped down in my absence at work, but I know that everything else was completed *shew*. I'm so tired I could just crash on the couch with some hot cocoa and a good horror movie, but instead I think I'll cuss at the slowness (more like brokenness) or secondlife and hope that it lets me teleport at some point so that I can play some slingo until I get sleepy. Yeah that sounds like a plan *grin*

I honestly miss the relaxation I used to get from SL, but no one ever logs on anymore. It seems like people have just dropped off, either for better things (like rl, which is sorely overlooked) or because of computer issues. It makes it sad to go on, because I'm basically a timid person who rarely wanders and strikes up random conversations. Makes it hard to make new friends that way. Ah, maybe one day. It can still be my little slingo place for lack of anything else to do.

In other news, work has scheduled me 20.5 hours next week, the most scheduled to date. Unfortunately that includes two 8 hour shifts, como se ouch? My feet will definitely be swelling on that one. However, I did find out that on top of that lunch break, I'm supposed to have two other small breaks for shifts that long. I'll definitely push the point on those. Eight hours is just too damned long of a time for a preggo woman to be on her feet (especially that last month here of pregnancy). I've joked all night tonight to customers and coworkers that I've given Sage an eviction notice for two weeks. Somehow, I doubt she'll listen *smile*.

Sooooo...not much else to say...feeling a bit lonely. Miss wickles270 and keep checking for journal updates constantly. Isn't that sad as hell?

**holy god, here it is 10 pm and lukas just woke up hungry...he's going to be up all night and I have to get up at 7:30....take me away calgone!**
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