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Happy Days are Here Again!

THE VERDICT IS IN! I got a call yesterday at one minute till 5 PM from the Da, the jury came back and convicted him of 2nd degree rape, unlawful imprisonment (misdemeanor), 2 counts of common law robbery, and felony cocaine possession. One count for each of his charges, and since he has already plead guilty to the repeat felony offender charges (4 in all), here's hoping he goes away for a very long time. Sentencing is today, I will update later.

It's hard to believe after 3 years, and after going through that trial that was so horrible, after no one believing me, after the name calling, after the cops lacking any investigation at all.....so hard to believe that it's over, that I can finally let it go in peace.....i've been crying for two days now.....a 180lb weight has been lifted off of me....:D huge smiles :)
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, rape

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