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Pregnancy updates!

Baby doctor update! Went to my regular appointment this morning for ye ol' 'gina swab for the group B Strep thingy and they checked for dilation. I am now 1/2 cm dilated (woot! let's get this party rolling). Everything is fine and normal, nothing new to report. Since I've been terrible with record keeping this time around, I did ask for them to look up what my weight was on the first appointment, and can you believe that I've only gained 5 lbs this entire pregnancy?!? (first appointment I was at 221, and at 226 today, been yo-yoing on weight the entire 9 months) That's unbelievable to me. I really thought I'd gained about 15. So the doctor says that I'm likely to be much lighter after the baby this time than I even was last time. Apparently my perfect weight loss plan is to get pregnant after having a toddler. It's freakish. Still it would be a bit of a boost to my post pregnancy weightloss plan. I am determined to get below and stay below 200 lbs by the end of the year. After that, my goals will be to lose at least 20-25 lbs a year until I reach a healthy weight. I'm not sure what that weight needs to be, but for some reason 140 lbs has always stuck in my head. We shall see after a bit of research. So the doctor said he isn't concerned as my uterus is right where it should be and all the ultrasounds had the baby at a very healthy size and weight. He did say that I need not feel guilty if I wanted extra pizza or french fries though, which I told him were a fat chance of happening with the sudden onset of indigestion. However, I swear I'm ravenous every two to three hours for the last month and I'm eating as much food as I can shove in my mouth. The weight just isn't sticking. Maybe this is how those freakishly high metabolism skinny people feel.

As for the impending labor, I'm still pretty nervous that I'll go into labor at work. And considering that they have scheduled me 30 hours this week working every day but Tues and Thurs, I think that's a valid concern. All I can say is one of those bastards better drive me to the hospital if I do lol....or else beware the wrath of a laboring woman.

Ok, off to rest a bit before doing some light laundry. These days that they check for dilation always make me extra crampy. (because honestly, it's like being fisted without the fun...not that I'd know, always been scared of that fisting stuff as i'd like my girly parts to remain on the inside)
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