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getting ready for Sage

and still no baby yet, but that's good as it means I get to finish up this workweek with a much needed larger check. they are trying to be psychic at work as they scheduled me for Sunday and Monday but nothing else for the rest of the week. wonder if that will pan out. I'm going to tell them though that if I don't have the baby to please call me if someone calls in and they need the help. it kind of sucks to only be scheduled like 10-12 hours for a week :(.

moved the crib back to the baby room as Lukas is getting a toddler bed next week and it was important to finally have a place set up for the new baby. it was surprisingly easy to take down and put back up. having problems finding all the pieces to the mobile though as Lukas seems to have spread them all over the house. Maybe I'll find them soon. And I've only gotten about half of my hospital bag packed. I have some going home clothes packed for me and baby girl, a robe, and that's it. I still need to pack toiletries (spelling? who knows?), a nice easy book to read, possibly my ipod for the boring moments of hospital confinement, and definitely some receiving blankets to help cover up and shield the new baby as we don't really know what the weather will be any more. It's exciting and scary at the same time. God knows I feel like I need to pack snacks too, the hospital food from last time left much to be desired.

anyhoo, that's all for now, I worked a very long shift today and am tired as hell.
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